Media Release – Police Pay 2022


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The Scottish Police Federation represents all police officers in the ranks of constable, sergeant, inspector and chief inspector, police cadets and special constables; over 18,000 people, 98% of all police officers in Scotland.

To: News Editors

Date: 21/06/2022

Subject: Police Pay 2022

The Joint Central Committee (JCC) of the Scottish Police Federation meeting in Inverness considered the police pay offer for 2022. The Committee was unanimous in its support for the Staff Side rejection of that offer, and unanimously agreed to support internal forms of action. The Committee unanimously agreed this was both necessary and proportionate given the continued failure of the Official Side to return to the negotiating table to seek to resolve this dispute.

Speaking after the first day of the meeting Calum Steele, General Secretary of the Scottish Police Federation said;

“Our Executive Committee has today unanimously endorsed a series of actions to be undertaken by our members as a result of the failure of the Government to seek to resolve our ongoing pay dispute.

At their most basic level these actions amount to the wholesale removal of the good will that the service requires to operate. Significantly this good will and flexibility saves the police service money, and its removal will be both costly and disruptive. We will use every sinew of the law to safeguard our members’ personal health and safety and will be further communicating with them over the coming days.

These actions will be seeking to mitigate the disruptive and costly impact of policing on them and their families, at a time when the cost of living crisis is compounding the mental and physical ill health of officers.

The resolve of our members is strong. These actions are capable of being escalated, and they are capable of being sustained. We do not expect the impact of these actions to be felt by our communities as they are entirely internally focussed, and are not in any way designed to diminish the service we provide them.”


Notes for Editors

1. The Joint Central Committee (JCC) is the governing body of the Scottish Police Federation. Its members are drawn from all ranks within our membership, and from all corners of the country.

2. The JCC is meeting on 21st and 22nd June 2022 in Inverness.

3. Police officers have been offered a flat £565 pay increase for all ranks for 2022.

4. The Police Negotiating Board is the statutory body for the negotiation of police pay in Scotland. It comprises two sides; a Staff Side, and an Official Side. Scottish Ministers are directly represented on the Official Side.


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