Latest Childcare Developments

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Last week SPF under took a Childcare Survey in response to concerns that Childcare provision for the children of Police Officers was insufficient to allow them to attend work during the Corona Virus outbreak. The results showed that the support being initially offered was woefully inadequate.

On the back of it,  SPF joined other stakeholders in a short-life working group chaired by Deputy Chief Constable Will Kerr to address our concerns. The SPF data, complemented by a further PSOS  survey, was analysed to produce a demand profile that informed discussions both locally and nationally. Officers and staff are now able to access more supportive childcare provision.

The table below (3 April, 2020) shows significant movement on the original offerings and we would encourage everyone who still has, or who may be faced with future childcare challenges to revisit their local authority on a regular basis for latest information.