West Area Committee


Last week was really busy in the West. Our quarterly meeting of all available reps and the West office bearers was held on Thursday.

National office bearers were also in attendance as well as the Chair of the SPF East Area Committee, Andy Malcolm.

Paul Connelly was elected as Chair of the West Area and this created a vacancy for a fulltime Deputy Secretary.

A hard fought election took place with some excellent speeches by the 3 candidates. Lorna Hogarth of OSD was successful.

Discussions took place on the SPF structure, the Criminal Justice Act, PSoS training, the promotion process and SPF finance and voluntary fund contributions.

We also carried out a joint inspection with Force Health & Safety, a local rep and the command team at Paisley. A lot of good work is being done but there are still issues with an ageing building.

It was good to speak with our members who are based there and see what the local concerns are.