Voluntary Fund Amnesty – Limited time only

For a variety of reasons, a small number of members have either not signed up to the SPF voluntary fund or have temporarily stopped payments.  In normal circumstances, re-joining the voluntary fund entails paying back up to one years’ subscription.

For a two month period from now to 31 December 2017, members may join or re-join the SPF voluntary fund at no back-dated cost. Any member who has, since 1 October 2016 been charged a re-entry lump sum, should contact us at: member.services@spf.org.uk for consideration of a refund.

There are many good reasons for joining or remaining in the SPF

  • One month after an officer stopped contributing to the voluntary fund (blaming the SPF for pension changes imposed by Government) – he was charged with a data protection offence – his legal cover had stopped and he had to fund his own defence at a four figure cost.
  • An officer stopped contributing to the voluntary fund during her maternity leave and a conduct enquiry was then raised against her.  Although her Federation representative assisted her, SPF could not fund a solicitor in her case.
  • An officer decided to stop contributing to the voluntary fund (for reasons unknown) – he was seriously injured in a car crash and had to fund his own legal expenses which were considerable.

More than just insurance

Contributing to the SPF voluntary fund is more than just insurance against legal costs – albeit that is an important feature of the services we provide.  Being a contributing member gives you access to our exclusive Group Insurance package which provides; Life, Critical & Terminal; Injury, Sick Pay; Personal Accident; Travel; Motor Breakdown and Home Emergency cover.

SPF also provides representation on pay, allowances, pensions, all other conditions of service, conduct, equality and health and safety; the Police Dependents’ Trust; St George’s Trust; the Scottish Police Benevolent Fund and the Police Treatment Centres.

To join or re-join the SPF voluntary fund, please email SPF at member.services@spf.org.uk and provide your Division; PSI No; and Payroll No.

The amnesty lasts between now and 31 December 2017 and during this time there is no extra cost.

Please also note Federation funds cannot be used in relation to any issue which arose during the time you were a non-contributing member.