Scottish Police Officers Suffer Pensions Punishment

Press Release

Police officers in Scotland will see their pension contributions increase to an average of 14.25% on the 1st April 2014. These increases will leave police officers making amongst the highest public sector pension contributions in the country. These contribution increases are yet another naked cash grab from hard working police officers and have absolutely nothing to do with the affordability of the police pension schemes.

This increase, an additional ¾ of one percent, is greater than that originally planned by HM Treasury and will see Scottish police officers being financially punished for falling police numbers in England & Wales. This is as a direct consequence of falling police numbers in England & Wales returning a lower financial yield than that anticipated at the time the original proposals were set out. This shortfall is being addressed by increasing yet further the contributions of those left in service.

Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation Brian Docherty said;

“This is yet another bitter blow for Scotland’s hard pressed police officers. It is bad enough to face the additional increases but Scottish police officers paying more as a consequence of reducing police numbers in England & Wales is a cruel punishment and rubs salt into this particularly sore wound.