Menopause Awareness Training

The SPF in held the first Menopause Awareness Workshop at the Scottish Police College on Wednesday.

The session delivered by Laughology and funded by the SPF, increased awareness of symptoms, considerations and potential support that could be included in the Service.

The menopause is not just a women’s issue, it is everyone’s, a fact reflected by the balanced number of male and female attendees.  In a service keen to promote wellbeing, this was a vital first step in recognising some of the issues faced by those experiencing the menopause and its effects and thinking about how we improve things.

Studies in other forces have shown that 80% of women police officers reported experiencing symptoms that affected their performance at work.  Hopefully the session and culture promoted the issues being faced by officers and identified potential solutions that will promote wellbeing in the workplace.

Ideas that came from the workshop included; “Menopause related” as a recorded absence category, flexible work patterns, free supply of sanitary products, uniform adjustments, amended re-certification policies eg in Specialist Support, rest rooms, support forums and much more.  SPF Equality leads will now take these issues forward with the Force with a view to improving understanding and support.