Govan Disorder

Many of you will have been on duty on Friday taking part in this operation or will have been left to Police the rest of our communities in reduced numbers as your colleagues were taken away to deal with this incident.

It was entirely appropriate that specialist public order officers were deployed to use their equipment, training and tactics to bring this incident to a safe conclusion.

Police officers across Scotland are too often expected to place themselves between groups who are intent on committing disorder or causing harm to others.

Whilst these incidents are not of the same scale as we saw on Friday they are mostly dealt with by officers who don’t have access to the equipment, support and tactics that were deployed then.

On Friday there were sufficient numbers of suitably equipped and trained officers to deal with the disorder, however they had to be drawn from across the Central Belt and from as far afield as Dundee.

All officers must have suitable PPE and support from sufficient numbers of colleagues to carry out their duties.

SPF reps and fulltime officials some of whom were called in to assist with the operation on Friday will feed back learning points to the Service. If you have any points that you wish raised please contact your local rep.

Stay Safe

Paul Connelly


SPF West Area Committee