North Area Committee

Caroline Macnaughton

Secretary, North Area Committee

Caroline Macnaughton became Secretary of the North Area Committee in July 2022 .

Caroline Macnaughton started her career in West Yorkshire police in 1995 before transferring to the Metropolitan Police, working in Westminster and North London. She continued her career in Police Scotland, serving in Tayside Division, working latterly as a Locality and response Sergeant in Pitlochry. Caroline has worked within the Child Protection Unit and as a SOLO and been an investigator within PSD, dealing with Internal Investigations and police complaints. Caroline became a part-time federation rep in 2019 on the NAC and was elected to the post of Deputy Secretary in February 2021, with responsibility for the Equality Portfolio.

Allen Shaw

Chair, North Area Committee

Andy Sawers

Deputy Secretary, North Area Committee

Yvonne Sloan

Vice Chair, North Area Committee