Who we are

The Scottish Police Federation represents police officers from the rank of Constable up to and including the rank of Chief Inspector.  It also represents police cadets and special constables.  Officers are elected from within their own ranks to represent their colleagues on the various local and national committees which make up the Scottish Police Federation.

From within that number officers are further elected to serve as full time officials either within the local areas or in the organisation’s Headquarters

There are three Area Committees in the North, East and West aligned to the area structures of the Police Service of Scotland. Their primary function is to deal with the issues that arise relating to these specific areas. There are full time officials based in offices in each of these areas

The Joint Central Committee is the national body of the Scottish Police Federation. The Committee comprises national office bearers, elected members from the Area Committees and Subject Secretaries responsible for Conduct, Equality and Health & Safety.  It has responsibility for strategic and national issues and its office bearers are based in its headquarters in Woodside Place, Glasgow.