J Division Shift Consultation

The Lothians & Scottish Borders (J) Division are seeking to consolidate their operating model and shift pattern to a single shift system. As you are aware J Division operates 2 different variable shift arrangements, they are looking for a single shift system for the entire Division and are looking for you to decide which one. The VSA 222 system operates in West, Mid and East Lothian whilst the Scottish Borders operate the VSA 99 shift pattern.

The SPF have been asked to establish which of the shift patterns J Division operational officers would like to be introduced for the entire Division, the selected pattern would be implemented in April 2018.


Both patterns operate on the same principles, they combine a series of shifts which are either 9 or 10 hours in duration over a 3-6 day period. Each pattern contains 146 rest days, both have the same number of weekend rest days.

The proposed 99 pattern is

The proposed 222 pattern is

This information can be downloaded here